Posted by: kendra | February 6, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Trouble Makers

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Welcome to the weekend! It looks like it’s going to be warm(er) and sunny and a good weekend to ride. I thought this whole week was pretty awesome. It was cold but sunny, and even on the days it snowed, the roads were clear and people were walking around saying things like “this is so pretty!” so you know it was melting off pretty fast.

Anyhow, we’ll probably ride over to the grocery store and stock up and I might even clean my chain this weekend, but no promises.

Where are you riding?



  1. TransOptions is going to sponsor a Savvy Cyclist class in Morristown with folks from bike ny.

    Savvy Cyclist is a free, one-day “introduction to cycling” program for adults and mature teens who want to improve their cycling skills. This class is ideal for new cyclists who want to learn the basics, those returning to cycling from a long hiatus, people who want to be more independent on their bike, and those who feel a little nervous while cycling in traffic.

    more info on the type of class here:

    Anyhow, do you know anyone who would be interested in this? I really would take it because even tho I feel like I must being doing some things right, I still have some questions.

  2. Yeah I might know some people. April 18th. Sounds pretty good.

  3. Tomorrow morning I’m gonna ride to Shades of Death Rd. Not sure which side we’ll come in from. Should be a good 30 or so miles. Was thinking of going to Oxford where they are having a morris canal art show but its only open weekdays. Will end up crossing the m.c. once tomorrow. I used to count the number of times we’d cross the m.c. on the way to the mall. I think the mall was 7 freakin times. But the canal is mostly obliterated where it crosses roads, it sometimes has those brown signs ‘morris canal crossed here’. You always find it where its tucked away and hidden sorta neglected kinda waiting. Before I learned about the canal, in Stanhope where I used to live, down the hill was a watered section and the towpath was clear! Uhmm this is’nt a river. Oh it would make a nice bike path. The Delaware and Raritan Canal is very popular with bikes. Its long. Linear park. Lotsa fun. Connects towns!

  4. I think I may visit Ravine Lake and test myself on “Jacob’s Ladder” aka. Post Kennel Rd. It’s such a beautiful area and would like to see it in the Winter.

  5. Fun!
    Heres the route:

    and pics:

    old train & station, rt.46
  6. nice! So nice out today.

    We started out to just go to the grocery store like we normally do on Sundays over in Madison; the traction line had about 50 people on it with dogs and skates and bikes.

    After I passed the Madison Train Station, I was thinking happy thoughts, with this song in my head, and thinking more people should try a bike and they might like it if they only could see the light of the way I do everything. I’m not saying that’s really true, just what I was thinking at the time.

    I got just past the Madison Y on King’s Road and there was a big jolt and noise and I thought I hit something or blew a tire, but it turned out the rim on my front tire split and the brake got sorta embedded underneath the tire. Super close to the train station there, so just took the train back to Morristown and drove the car back to Madison. This was the first time in the car since New Year’s Eve; I was sorta having a secret contest only only in my mind to see how long we could go without it.

    Maybe this is what happened, only my tire didn’t break. I’m really glad I did not crash.

    Also good to know an xtracycle will fit on the train, but is a bit of a pain to get in an elevator.

  7. Also want to say it was not scary, but the experience is making me rethink my bicycle maintenance schedule of checking everything every few years.

  8. Yesterday was the first time I drove my car in a long time too; Christmas for me. Ironically, it was to pick up my new bike

  9. Did you get a new bike yesterday? What is it?

  10. I’ve had the rim fail on my MTB from not cleaning the grit & grime off the brake pads & rim. It becomes like sandpaper and the rim just thins out. It cracked.

  11. The first time I tried a cross counry ride, my rim cracked and BOOM. I replaced the rim and 500 miles later, it happened again! It might be because I was using a rim desinged for skinny 23mm racing tires and I had on 35mm with a heavy load. I ended up buying a set of touring wheels where the rim has a machined cut out from the inside. When the rim wears, you will see the cut out notch and you know it’s time to replace it. They are still runnning strong.


    anyhow, now I’m getting a new rim with a notch like crazyguyonabikenj’s, and also getting my chain cleaned.

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