Posted by: kendra | March 19, 2010

Bike This Summer Open Thread: welcome streetsblog readers


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We suddenly have a lot of visitors to this blog, so, um, hi! Morristown is a city located in northern or central New Jersey, depending on your opinion, about an hour out of nyc on the train.

It’s nice, you should visit! Washington slept here. We have nice trails and parks. We are super lucky enough to have Marty’s Reliable Cycle in town, which is really the worlds best bike shop. Ask anyone. And we have fun people living here who like bikes. Over the past few years, we have had some awesome townwide monthly bike rides, and sometimes they involve zombies or elves, or suits. We have bike-in movies. We have empanadas and burritos and good places to have beer.

Anyhow, what’s going on this summer? Right now the plan is to have Morristown’s first ever Bike-o-Rama, a festival celebrating people and pedals. Probably at the end of July. Ryan and Ashley, who are the talented and awesome locals who have put together the Bike Art Show in Morristown, have agreed to let us crash their party and add things for a week-long celebration.

What will we have? Um. Def an alleycat, and bike-in movies. Probably some bike polo. Maybe a bike swap. Maybe some neighborhood tours. BMX kids? I don’t know, we seriously just started planning it on Tuesday, and then streetsblog linked to here, and we wanted to let you, the streetsblog reader, that you are totally welcome to come to Morristown and ride any time you want, but think about keeping an eye on what we come up with for our big BIKE O RAMA.

If you live in town and have some ideas (and want to help), post your stuff below and fan our brand new facebook page for Bike Morristown.



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