Posted by: dean | August 21, 2011

Good Luck! Paris Brest Paris 2011

Paris Brest Paris 80 and 90 hour riders have taken off!

Pre ride reports were streaming in:

“I was fiddling with the bike at my hotel this morning,  adjusting the
height of my saddle, and the seatpost binder bolt broke.  This is
about ten hours before my 9 pm start time.   It should have been
fairly easy to get the remainder of the broken bolt out, but it
wouldn’t budge.  The bike shop nearby could not fix it except for
kludge that looked like it might possibly work for the entire trip.
750 miles with an iffy seat attachment, this is not good.

I was about to leave the shop when another mechanic arrived, riding
with his Dad.  They took me to their house, worked on it for an hour
and a half and fixed it!  They must have broken half a dozen drill
bits in the process.  Really nice of them. Of course they wouldn’t let
me pay them.

My start time is about four hours.  Time for a little nap.


I’ve had fun following along the d.c. tandem team of chasing mailboxes and the daily randonneur.

I hope they have nice weather



  1. there is a triplet with a fairing!





  6. Thanks for taking the virtual PBP journey with the Daily Randonneur and me!

  7. hello

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