Posted by: kendra | April 19, 2011

Bike, Run and Falafel

I might be the slowest cyclist in town, but that has not stopped me from also aspiring to be the slowest runner in town as well.  I started running last year when my brother-in-law pointed me to a couch to 5k app for the iphone, and I have sort of stuck with it, unless it is too hot or raining outside.  Or I’m tired.

Anyhow, I am really excited about the New Jersey Trail Series runs that are starting tomorrow, April 20, out at Central Park of Morris County.  These are weekly timed 5k races that will continue all the way through the end of August.  According to their site, “the goal of the NJ Trail Series is to make running fun again.”   Fun?  I am totally in.

This series is open to runners of all abilities and walkers of all speeds, and as an added bonus, it is pretty affordable for a race!  If you sign up for the whole series, an adult pays $75 and youth pays $40.  Individual races are $8 (10 day of) for adult or $5 for youth ($10 day of).  Nice!  Register early for the big discounts!

Anyhow, I will be heading out from Greenberry’s on my bike to these if anyone wants to come along, and then on the way home stopping at Carmel Haifa for some post-race falafel.   Tomorrow, April 20, we will take off from Greenberry’s at aobut 5:30.  Check Bike Morristown for updates on what time to leave from Greenberry’s after this week.  I am going to take my xtracycle, I think, so it def won’t be a fast ride.


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