Posted by: kendra | March 12, 2011

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Glass Bike by kendra e
Glass Bike a photo by kendra e on Flickr.

Where are you riding to? This morning, I’m riding over to the St. Patrick’s Day 5k at Ginty Field, which I think has about 2000 people show up at it? That’s a lot. I have signed up in previous years, but always decided to sleep in when it was raining.

There is going to be at least one bike in the St. Patrick’s parade today.

I’ll try to blog about this in another post, but last week at our Bike Morristown meeting, we went with being becoming a non-profit and decided to include walking in our official name. I can’t actually remember the official name, is it Morristown Bike Walk or Walk Bike Morristown? Or some other order. Will clear this up at the next meeting.

Also started planning Bike to Work month stuff. Also Zombie vs. Pirate theme ride. Also stopped into the Colonial Bar, which has a new owner, and might start giving people on bikes beer specials after the rides.

Remember last year when the vegan food truck came and we had some awesome bands behind town hall? We are doing that again in May, only in a vacant building with lots of space. Email Bike Morristown
if you have any sort of bike thing you want to show off/sell/pass out propaganda for.



  1. I like beer specials:)

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