Posted by: kendra | March 6, 2011

Bike Morristown Meeting, Monday 7 pm

Tomorrow is the Bike Morristown meeting at Greenberry’s, where we will mostly be discussing being a non-profit. 7 pm.

Also will be talking about upcoming events and theme rides. So far March is no theme (or perhaps Marching band? where everyone makes some noise?), April is the Zombie Ride, and in May, to close out Bike to Work Month, we are having a big party in a building with the return of the vegan food truck and some bands. We also need art or games or other things to fill out the space for May ride, so think about what might be fun?

Also have been asked if we want to participate with a table at the town’s Festival Earth on Sunday, May 22 and the Community Service Expo at the high school on April 28. I am not sure what we would talk about, but we could push the bike plan and if we had some events lined up for the next few months, we could talk about that? Think about it.

If you want to think about the direction Bike Morristown might take, check out West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance, which does a lot of stuff in their town, and gives scholarships to high school seniors for efforts to make the area more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Also Bike and Walk Montclair is doing a lot of awesome stuff. South Orange Maplewood Bicycle Coalition is doing a lot of cool things too.

If you have some input and ideas to share, please bring them, or if you want to share some links or whatever now, that would be great too.

Also, has anyone been to the new Colonial on Washington Street? I’m thinking this is where we could hold a fundraiser? After meeting get together at the Colonial to check it out.


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