Posted by: kendra | March 4, 2011

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Whew! Friday!

Coming up on Monday is the Bike Morristown Meeting; 7 pm at Greenberry’s Coffee on the Morristown Green. At this meeting we are going to talk about going forward with becoming an actual non-profit for 80 percent of the time and 20 percent of the meeting time will be for lighter stuff, like whether or not we can get the Colonial to host a fundraiser night and when the next full moon ride is.

Last weekend, the New Jersey Bicycle Summit was held in Trenton. This was the second year of the summit, and it was pretty great.

I was on a panel first thing in the morning with Rich Everill from Collingswood Bikeshare and Laura Torchio from Bike and Walk Montclair. My talk was strictly about the Morristown Critical Mass/Community Bike ride, and the politics of how it started and what I think made it work.  Thanks to Peter Bilton from the Civic Eye Collaborative for asking me to ramble on!

You can see the video here of my talk about the Morristown Bike Ride, plus Walk Bike Jersey covers the summit here and also Benepe’s Bike blog said I charmed the audience, which made my mom happy.

OH, also I am doing the Five Boro Bike Tour this year for the first time and am on the Alzheimer’s Association team. Here is a link to where you can sponsor me! I am halfway to my goal!

Have an awesome weekend, hope to see you on Monday for the meeting!



  1. You really were charming, Kendra! You really had the audience captivated! xoxoxoxo

  2. Anyone riding this weekend? Maybe north from Denville 40 miles or so?

  3. Kendra,

    You rocked! They should have saved you for last as you were the highlight of the entire day.

  4. My ego is so gigantic right now, thanks you guys!

    I don’t think I’m riding at all, but I am coming to Denville in the morning to see my accountant. I haven’t really balanced my checkbook in about 9 months, maybe I should try it.

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