Posted by: dean | January 26, 2011

My 2010 Tried & Liked list

-Getting married.  I tried it and I like it!

My new commute.  Riding into Parsippany near a lot of highways & stripmalls is easier than I thought it would be.  A few different route options are available.  No problemo. 

Full Moon werewolf rides!  Nightime bike jaunts with friends is way fun! 

Hell of Hunterdon was a fun ride.

Blackburn Flea solar/usb charge rear light.  Tiny yet bright rear light.  The usb & solar charger work well.   I’ve got mine clipped onto the back of my rear fender as a just in case/backup. Martys sells these.

Boulder 650b allroad.  I went fat and I wont go back!  650b x 42 high performance lightweight supple tires are awesome.  The bike glides over bumps.   It’s a very very comfortable and fast bike. I get home from a long ride over rough roads and I feel like I have’nt ridden at all!  Very stable, the bike is unaffected by sidewinds.     Any front load all but disappears, it is very easy to balance luggage over the front wheel.  

-Visiting the local cobbler to get my old soccer shoes stiffened up for cycling.  New life for my floppy shoes! 

-Hardware store safety glasses for cold or buggy night riding.  These dont even look dorky!  How did I live without em?

-More wool!   Wool socks, pants, undies, sweaters and jerseys.  Comfortable over a very broad temperature range.  Does not itch.  Will not stink…. ever!  Warm when wet!

-Reflective sash.  Small, light, easy on/off.  People tell me its very noticeable.

Dyno hub w/ light:  Shimano dyno front hub with an B&M IQ cyo provides infinite light with a perfect beam for my purposes, and it wont blind oncoming traffic. 

Why dont you share a couple of thing you tried & liked?



  1. 2010 was a good year for you:) Awesome wedding pics as well. I looke forward a another great year of riding.

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