Posted by: kendra | November 1, 2010

Bike Morristown Meeting Tonight

It is the first Monday of the month, so there is a Bike Morristown meeting at Greenberry’s at 7 pm tonight.

Tonight, Scott McDowell is going to talk a bit about his idea for a bike podcast of Morristown and what he might need help with, so if you or someone you know might be interested helping, def show up.

Also making a rough estimate about what we might spend money on in the next year, and chatting about the upcoming rides. Will try to keep it to one hour!

Greenberry’s is located on Park Place in the center of town.



  1. So what was decided?

  2. 5 people showed up; Scott McDowell talked about his idea for a bike podcast, then some other people talked about an app of some sort and what not. Anyhow, Scott is going to give us a list of the places he wants to go, and we’ll come up with some sort of route.

    Bringing back the Meatless Monday rides starting next week, also having a Christmas Day ride in the afternoon or evening.

    We talked a little bit about how much money we need for things like the bike-in movie and other events people want to put on, but need to talk more about that next month.

    One hour and out!

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