Posted by: dean | October 21, 2010

Bike Video Thursday, Bicycle Fixation, Jan Heine & Werewolf Ride!

some radical freestyle from around the world

Heres a cool bike rack article  from Bicycle Fixation.   Bicycle fixation / Rick makes great knickers.  I’ve had my woolie knickers for a couple years, they get a repatched butt area every 6 months but I dont wanna give em up.  The fella has great pants and a great blog.   Scroll down for some entries showing LA’s  cicLAvia!  And check out his pretty slick  ninja jersey  !!!

Jan Heine  of Bicycle Quarterly has a new blog.   Some folks get really riled up by what he has to say and thats great.   I’ve learned alot from him (650b or bust!)

free, fun, social, intrepid adventure rides leaving from different spots in Morristown, Denville & surrounds.  Ride utilizes back roads, closed roads, park roads, dirt paths & lightly traveled out of the way areas during prime time tv watching times.
No drop ride.  About an hour at a social pace.   Scofflaws/renegade cycling frowned upon.
Bring your best lights & reflecto equipment. 
Ride leaves at precisely 7pm or thereabouts. 
See ya around!

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