Posted by: kendra | August 27, 2010

Bike This Weekend Open Thread (bike-o-rama week preview!)

Evening Ride

Originally uploaded by atmtx

Tonight is the regular Morristown Bike Ride, and for the first time ever, we will take a left on Speedwell and head over to Denville. So exciting! Anthem Sandwich is making up some burritos and I think some sort of special bike deal. I might take the train back to Morristown, and I have heard rumors that there might be a bus that can haul the bikes back. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that.

Coming up in September is the Art of the Bicycle show, and here’s what’s happening in the week before. Check back here before you show up tho, because I’m guessing times/meetup locations will change. If you have a ride you want to lead, email and we’ll add it!

Saturday, September 18

5:00 Garden Tour

meet up at the high school for a tour of Morristown’s most fantastic

gardens, featuring Grow It Green Morristown’s projects

7:00 Bike-in Movie Night with Monster Truck Fan Club

The Early Street Community garden
Showing some awesome shorts from Portland’s Filmed by Bike.

Sunday, September 19
9:00 am Clean Up This Town

Town Hall Parking Lot. Gather here and get some supplies and then head over to the Traction Line to pick up some trash and tidy up.
Monday, September 20

7:00 Meatless Monday Ride

Ride from Greenberry’s over to Carmel Haifa for some falafel and hummus.
Tuesday, September 21

6:00 Tuesday Cruise

Ride leaves from Tito’s Burritos at 6:30 and rambles around Morristown’s

neighborhood’s with theme music. End up at the Creamery or

Sona 13, depending on the mood. One hour.

Wednesday, September 22

7:00  Fall Equinox Adventure Bike Ride.  Meet up at the fountain at the Green for adventure ride.  Sort of a mystery ride, since you don’t know where it is going.

Thursday, September 23

6:30 Harvest Ride

Meet at the fountain at the Green for a easy ride around a Morristown

neighborhood. Hot Cider at the Early Street garden at 7:30.

Friday, September 24

Critical Mass

Art of the Bicycle Show!

If you want to help out, but don’t want to really lead a ride, we need things!  Like, we could use someone to get Monster Truck Fan Club some dinner.  Also, things like the cider for the harvest ride?  Or putting up flyers on your favorite neighborhood bulletin boards?  We are open to all offers of help and suggestions!



  1. Fun fun fun. I’m psyched!

  2. Sounds like a great September for biking in MoTown! Post some reviews of my new home town’s (formerly Morris Plains) Filmed By Bike movie.

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