Posted by: kendra | August 13, 2010

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Perth Amboy Waterfront

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Hello Friday that is finally the perfect 65 degrees!

Have been doing a lot of scheming for a small bike week in September before the Art of the Bicycle Show. If you have an idea for a ride or want to lead one somewhere, please post here or email

Having a meeting (one-hour only!) at Greenberry’s on Monday August 23 to finalize what is happening so we can give people at the August ride a calendar. I have also been thinking about Morristown Pedal Pushers and Bike Morristown, and how to combine the various bits of each that are out there on the internet. Does anyone care if it all becomes Bike Morristown?

Anyhow, here are events we have lined up (probably):

Saturday 9/18

Kidical Mass
Bike Tour of Morristown Gardens
Bike in Movie Night at the Early Street Garden featuring (possibly) Monster Truck Fan Club

Sunday 9/19
Clean Spots Around Town by Bike

Monday 9/20
Meatless Monday Ride

Tuesday 9/21
Cruiser Night

Friday 9/24
Morristown Bike Ride
Art of the Bicycle Show

A couple of things that I don’t think can happen this year, but maybe next year is the bike polo at the new Central Park of Morris County. The rental fee for the rinks is $150, so we would need to come up with that. If that is something you are interested in and want to put it together, or again if you have something else you want to do, let us know.

Also have been approached by dj from world famous radio station here in New Jersey that wants to put together a podcast of a bike ride in Morristown. He is looking for interesting places Morristown to ride to, and if that is something you would like to help out with, drop an email to and we’ll hook you up.



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