Posted by: dean | August 5, 2010

Bike Video Thursday – Right Hook

Heres a video of a cyclist having  a pretty easy time avoiding a right hook.   No big deal.

I met a dude after he almost got creamed while passing a right turning car. I was on my bike stopped at a red light behind a car that had its right blinker on. The light turned green and dude on a bicycle came cruising by my right side and passed the car on the right as it was about to initiate its right turn! Duh, duh, duh. Renegade bicycle dude was lucky the car driver checked his side mirror and stopped his turn . Bicycle dude only received a loud long HONK! Once I caught up, dude was oblivious that he was almost right hooked by the honking car and I had to explain what just happened. We chatted. Jeff rides his bicycle from Denville to Morristown occasionally and has a really cool airplane on his front fender. He rides with lights/reflective gear/ bright clothes and a very upright riding position affording him a great view of traffic so I was really surprised by what I considered his lack of care on the road. He must have thought I was a bit of a weenie for waiting at the red light because he asked if I always ‘vehicular cycle’ . I said it depends on the situation, but I’m very careful around turning vehicles, traffic lights, and side streets.  I generally trust no one and surely don’t want to piss other drivers off.   He said “No blood, no foul.” and I said “Goodbye” and rode away.  He’s definitely not the kind of guy I want to ride around. 




  1. “No blood” this time. You can never be too careful and I totally aree with “trust no one”. The right hook is a scary situation especially when cruising over 20 mph. I don’t think motorist realize the speed a bike is capable of and asume we can stop on a dime. Yeah, you can never be too careful.

  2. “Do you ‘vehicular cycle’?” LOL

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