Posted by: kendra | July 28, 2010

Bike-In Movie, not so much

Starlite Theatre

Originally uploaded by Andrew Dupont

After the ride in August, there were some plans (maybe not good ones) to show another bike theme movie at the community garden. Last year, we had a showing of Breaking Away, but it wasn’t until September because it kept raining.

Anyhow, plans to show some bike theme shorts from Portland have hit a snag. Last year, I had a yard sale and people donated their junk and we made enough to pay for the rights to show the movie. This year, the movie is even cheaper, only $140, but we also would have to come up with $400 to rent the projector this year, and I don’t think I can pull off a yard sale that big in the next few days. $400 is just the projector, not including sound. I think we would need about $600 total.

Anyhow, prolly not going to happen. Any ideas of alternative events to have after the August ride? Or if you have $600 and want to pay for everything, that would be great too.

Regular-non-eventful ride is still on for this Friday! Meet up at town hall, 200 South Street and ride at 6:30.



  1. For good news, the bike art show is on for the end of September. Maybe that is when we could have an alleycat? And some other things?

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