Posted by: Peter | July 15, 2010

Friday Night Ride Proposal

Sorry for the late notice, but Friday night is the Berkley Heights fireworks(one of the best fireworks shows around).  There is a carnival there too.  This is the only info I could find on it.

The cost to get in is $10 but for some of you frugals, I’m sure you can see them from the outside.   I usually go every year by motorcycle.  I want to do something different and take the bicycle this year.  It’s about 12 miles from Morristown.  They don’t start until 11 and go for about 45 minutes.  That means leaving about midnight to go home and riding with all the crazy cars in the dark(we’ll probably be passing them since they will be in a long line).  My wife doesn’t want me to ride alone so I need at least one crazy biker to join me(she’s such a Mom).  I was planning on leaving Morristown about 7 and going through the Great Swamp.  Anybody interested, reply asap.

Ps.  Make sure you have your lights chargedJ



  1. Wish I could come, but I have to work early Saturday morning and need my beauty sleep!

  2. As of now, I’ll give you a definite maybe.

  3. Just an FYI – the official carnival website is

    They show “historical” (circa 1995) photos of kids bike races. Does anyone know if they still do this?

  4. I am a def maybe maybe.

  5. I’m going to have to bow out of this one. My legs are feeling a little fried and I need to rest up for Sundays NYC 200k brevet.
    Sounds really fun though, I have’nt been on a nice night ride in months.
    Next time I hope!

  6. Thanks for the link Bettybike. It looks like I will not be doing this ride due to lack of front lights. I’ll plan better for the next time.

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