Posted by: lgindoff | May 28, 2010

Critical Mass Ride Photos – Zombies in Morristown

Scraps, Rags and me, Larry the Photographer

If you were at Morristown’s May 2010 Critical Mass Bicycle Ride you probably saw me on my bike with Rags my dog riding in the rear.  I took lots of pictures of the bike ride both in the parking lot before hand as well as a few select corners along the route.   The ride was accompanied by many people and kids dresses as zombies.  I personally don’t get the zombie thing but shaking up the street in Mo-town every once is a while is a fun thing, so I say, “Let the Zombies Rule.”  In addition and fortunately, the day’s cloudy skies free themselves to reveal a warm glowing dusk. There were a lot of people on this ride, over 100, as Morristown’s Critical Mass Ride is truly blooming into a very nice community event every month with new people all the time.

If you want to see the a slideshow of the best of the photos I took during the ride, go to my Google Picasa web album at the link below:

If you want to see some pictures from previous Morristown critical mass bike rides, click the links below.

Kathy, Scraps and Kendra



  1. So great to see my old hometown to be “taken over” by bicyclists with such a range of folks out there having fun. Thanks for sharing these photos. I am now in my adopted home of Portland, Oregon, one of the best places to bike.

    See what Portland has done as a variation of Critical Mass

  2. I have heard of their kidical mass! You are really lucky to live in Portland. I don’t think I will be leaving Morristown, so I just keep copying what Portland and other fun places do.

    We want to have a teeny tiny version of Portland’s Pedalpalooza later this summer.

  3. I don’t think I look like a zombie in this picture, it looks like I just have a really bad sunburn.

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