Posted by: kendra | May 7, 2010

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Tuesday’s Commute

Originally uploaded by letsgorideabike

Don’t forget next week is Bike to Work Week! There is a free breakfast at the Hyatt on May 13. TransOptions also has breakfasts at the County College, Madison and in Randolph. Sign up! Do it now!



  1. mg blog post!

  2. Tell me more about this race from Morris Plains. What time of day and when?

  3. I have this info from a transoptions newletter. Cant find anything else…

    Watch a Unique Bicycle Race
    Also launching this year is a multi-style bicycle race, sponsored by Marty’s Reliable Cycle, which will be
    held on May 10, 2010. For this unique competition, a regular bicycle, an electric bicycle, a folding bicycle
    and an electric car will be racing from the Morris Plains Train Station to the Hyatt Morristown.

  4. That ‘racecourse’ is my to work commute! I think the bike has a good chance. Of course cyclist must follow all rules of the road if its a fair race. Undertaking long lines of cars at lights is legal and sometimes safe.

  5. They postponed this until later in the month; if I hear about a near date, I’ll let you know!

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