Posted by: kendra | April 23, 2010

Next Phase in Bicycle Planning for Morristown

Things are happening! Here’s an update from Stefan Armington. See also the Morristown Green story from yesterday.

The Town of Morristown, with assistance from the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs (NJDOT-OBPP), is conducting a bicycle planning and development study to assist Morristown in further developing their Bicycle Plan.

With your help, we developed a draft Bicycle Plan to support the growing number of bicyclists in Morristown, reduce congestion, and create a road map for improving bicycle facilities throughout the town.

In September 2009, Morristown was awarded a grant by NJDOT-OBPP for bicycle planning and design services, to be conducted by Michael Baker Jr. Inc. to create an Addendum to supplement the draft Bicycle Plan by confirming the bicycle compatibility of roadways, performing a bicycle crash analysis, creating mapping to illustrate regional and local bicycle facilities, develop specific recommendations with cost estimates for roadways in Morristown that are not bicycle compatible, and provide a plan for implementation.

On Thursday morning – Earth Day – NJDOT and their consultant met with Morristown and Morris County officials to present the preliminary results of the analysis and to set the stage for a public information center meeting in May or June. From our group, the meeting was attended by myself, Denise Chaplick (Morris County), Dave Helmer (Morris County Parks), Seargent Victor Filomeno (Morristown PB), Paul Miller (Morristown Office of Sustainability) and Jeff Hartke (Morristown Engineering).

At the meeting, the DOT consultant presented the following:

  • crash results from 2002 -2009, which include 23 reported crashes (16 at intersections; 12 involving bicyclists on the sidewalk; and 9 from bicyclist riding into the vehicle).
  • results of bicycle activity in Town, and suggested that besides weekend recreational cycling, many of the day to day cyclists are of hispanic and african american origin.
  • They evaluated the bicycle compatibility of a number of roadways in Morristown and presented the results and a listing of compatible roadways (block to block sections).
  • They assessed 5 intersections for bicycle compatibility and ways to improve bicycling through the intersections. Intersections included Lafayette St. & Ridgedale Ave.; Elm St. & Morris St.; Lafayette St. & Morris St.; Spring St. & Morris St.; and Sussex Ave. & Speedwell Ave.
  • They also assessed one bridge crossing for typical improvements- Madison Ave over I-287.
  • They presented typical on-road bicycle facilities that could be developed in Morristown, including bicycle lanes, paved shoulders, and Shared Lanes with pavement markings, depending on roadway characteristics.
  • They provided a number of roadway improvement concepts applicable to Morristown’s roads for possible implementation.
  • And they discussed the importance of education and outreach, in spanish and english, to get bicyclists to ride on the roadways, in the right direction, etc.

The consultant will put together a copy of the presentation and meeting results for distribution.
Thank you for your continued support to make Morristown a better place to ride bikes.

Stefan Armington,
Chairman Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee



  1. What the heck! “9 (crashes) from bicyclist riding into the vehicle?”

    You mean to tell me not one of those crashes was THE OTHER WAY AROUND?!?!

    Also, such a high number of crashes involving cyclists on the sidewalk indicates that cyclists are simply afraid (and probably for good reason knowing Morristown traffic) to ride in the street where they belong. Sidewalk riding is a clear indication of hostile streets not serving the needs of cyclists.

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