Posted by: kendra | April 22, 2010

Bike Video Thursday: Who Are You Honking At?

This video was shot in Orlando as for something called the Law Enforcement Toolkit.  Def check out the details on the video and program here.

Some of you know that I was very annoyed earlier this week when I was in the left hand turn lane on Madison Avenue, intending to turn on to Normandy when a driver really laid on the horn and scared the crap out of me.  The lane there is not very wide, and I take the lane there so people won’t pass me.  Anyhow, he did pass me.  I knocked on his window ready with my standard speech about how it is legal for me to take the lane, but unfortunately  the conversation did not go as I planned once he informed me that I was crazy.    I made a police report  and was informed that is actually improper use of a horn, which is interesting.

The driver was contacted by the officer, and his side of the story is that I was weaving from lane to lane on Madison Avenue.  I learned that it is possible for me to file a complaint and go to court, so that’s something I haven’t tried before.  If that happens, I will let you know!



  1. Sorry to here about that Kendra. I deal with that crap too but fortunately it hasn’t happened to me in a while.

    This is the one reason why I’ve contemplated riding with a video camera at all times as the video from the good folks down in Orlando demonstrates.

  2. Hey Kendra, that really stinks. He was a rude dude. Please keep us posted on how this plays out.


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