Posted by: kendra | April 2, 2010

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

This weekend looks like the weather is going to be perfect! Yay!

Also still plotting some things for the end of the April ride, which is looking like it will have a after-ride party with some pretty great things, like bands and bikes and I am still sending esp messages to the chef from Cinnamon Snail, the vegan food truck, that he needs to come here for that.

If you haven’t already signed on, fan Bike Morristown on facebook, and then rsvp to this after party so he will see that we are really just excited about riding bikes and then eating good food.



  1. Anyone riding Hell of Hunterdon tomorrow?

  2. I am going to ride to Jersey Boy and maybe out to Central Park in/of Morris County, because I haven’t been there yet, and it looks awesome.

    Also I want to note that I know that most people are not vegans, and maybe don’t get as excited about the vegan food truck, but I’m sure they would share in my happiness if it showed up.

  3. I’m not vegan but would love to try something from the truck. Did you go to Central Park? Once in a while I ride by it on my way home but never stopped. I like the view of the dome building riding up Central Ave.

    • Yeah! I did go out there. It’s really big. The security guard told me it was illegal to take pictures of greystone. The rinks are nice! They need sidewalks over there so people could walk easier tho!

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