Posted by: kendra | March 24, 2010

Morris County Bike Racks and the Bus: Fun While It Lasted

Do you remember just a month ago when I was all excited about the buses in Morris County getting bike racks?

Under the NJ Transit Service changes it looks like all of these bus routes are discontinued, except for MCM 10, so don’t make any plans to take your bike on the bus, because it’s not coming.

Here’s a list of the MCM bus routes that had bike racks in Morris County, MCM 1 (Morristown, Cedar Knolls, Hanover, Parsippany, Lake Hiawatha, Montville, Boontton, Lincoln Park, Willowbrook), MCM 3 (Livingston Mall, Short Hills Mall, Chatham, Madison, Morristown, Morris Plains, Greystone Park, Morris County Offices), MCM 10 (Morristown, Morris Plains, Denville, Dover, Wharton, Rockaway Mall), MCM 2 (Morris Plains, Morristown, Parsippany Dover, Randolph/County College), MCM 4 (Dover, Randolph, Chester, Mendham, Morris Township, Morristown, Honeywell), MCM 5 (Morristown, Chester, Schooleys Mtn, Hackettstown, ITC Crossing, Budd Lake, Netcong, Roxbury, Dover, Rockaway Mall), MCM 7 (Milton, Lake Swannanoa, Jefferson, Rockaway Mall, Dover, K-Mart Plaza).

There is a public hearing at Morristown Town Hall on Friday evening, at 5:30 – 8:30. (The monthly Morristown bike ride takes off from town hall at 6:30)



  1. I was surprised to see so many service cuts to the bus line in Morristown. Only paid attention last night when talking to some very agitated senior citizens outside of King’s.

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