Posted by: kendra | February 25, 2010

Bus Racks on Morris County Metro Buses

I have heard that bike racks are now available on all Morris County Metro Buses, have you seen any? I keep watching and have spotted some NJ Transit Buses, but did not see a bike rack, but maybe they are not part of this program? I haven’t made much use of the buses (mostly because I couldn’t bring my bike), so I’m really interested. If I could get on the bus to Hackettstown with my bike, that would be awesome.

I am under the impression that these are the routes that have bike racks available right now. Have you spotted any of these racks on a bus or used one yet?

Thanks to Richard Masoner for the image. Be sure to check out his website,



  1. Yes!!!! I was just going to post that I saw one yesterday on Ridgedale Ave (Cedar Knolls) going toward Morristown. There was even one bike on it:)

  2. While going for a snow ride, I saw another bus w/racks going up by Greystone. No bikes on it though.

  3. That’s pretty awesome. I’m going to check the bus schedule and see where I can go with my bike and maybe take the bus far away an then just ride back.

  4. […] Racks and the Bus: Fun While It Lasted Do you remember just a month ago when I was all excited about the buses in Morris County getting bike […]

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