Posted by: kendra | February 19, 2010

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Look Down

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I have really been sluggish for awhile, but finally this week I started to shake it off. Two days in a row, the sun came out just as i was winding up work, and I took the scenic route home, instead of just trying to get home fast. This weekend looks like the sun is going to be out and it is going to be a balmy 40 degrees and it might be nice to take the scenic route somewhere. I’m not sure where yet.



  1. The band I play with, Eyeswan is playing with the awesome Alehouse Assassins at the Boonton Ave. Grille this Saturday.
    We’ll probably arrive around 8 or so, music maybe around 9ish.
    This should be a fun gig at a nice venue in a town that grew up around the Morris Canal (interpretive tours available). You can get boozed up & eat here too. Behind the bar is a stunning giant gorrilla! Really!

    Boonton Avenue Grille. From 80, Rt287 North will take you to Boonton’s Main St. Exit. Follow along Main St. uphill until you reach Boonton Ave. on the right. Bar & parking lot are right there. Sadly, no bike rack.

  2. nice!

    I took a lunchtime ride on the Traction Line; I think I’ve been spending too much time thinking about food. I saw a big pile of salt on the path, and I thought it looked like himalayan sea salt. I hope it wasn’t.

  3. I hear ya.

    I rode through the park, where I saw tons of salt on the roads and the path. All I could think of was soft pretzels. Quite distracting.

  4. I went on a ride that was a little over my comfort level with regards to speed & traffic manners….. It was a really good workout for sure, but being bleary eyed tired nearly the entire ride was not too much fun for me but that’s ok. The groups traffic manners *really* turned me off. I wanted to peel off everytime they renegaded it through a light or stop sign. I’m sure they think I’m a dork (I am) for stopping but I think they slowed down to let me catch up each time which was nice.

  5. Ahh!! I went cross country skiing to take advantage of the last of our massive snow fall. I love my bike but sometimes its better to “go with it” when it comes to the weather.

    I had a great time as I’m finally starting to feel like I’m becoming fairly competent on those two sticks. Too bad I delaminated one on my ski’s in the last half mile. Better at the very end then at the beginning.

  6. I used to love cross country skiing, but I think the last time I went I was about 12. Anyhow, I did not ride my bike. I did organize my spice cabinet tho, and then on Monday morning I went for a run.

    Where do you go to ski Andy?

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