Posted by: ruralhipster | February 12, 2010

Hackettstown Critical Mass ride this Fri! (TONIGHT)

6:30pm Meet at gazebo corner of Main/Moore st.-

Let’s show car traffic that cold/snow/darkness won’t stop us from riding!!



  1. hey I am just tapering.

  2. I’m riding around a little…I made these toe clip covers, I tested them, they work!

  3. tapering eh? Got that brevet coming up?

    hopefully if it doesnt snow epicly we’ll be more than 3strong on friday!

    nice diy covers!!

  4. yerp. brevet is now sunday
    s/b okay by friday to ride around

  5. Check out :
    they have bike outings every full moon. that sounds like fun.

  6. sunday is great!! I’m definitely down for this…$30 total not bad. Let me know how you plan to arrive there…sounds like a fun time

    I think we all qualify as a Fucking Bike Club, so I’m certainly in favor of fullmoon rides. we’re all good at howling in graveyards…

  7. Snow day! Whoop
    That was a fun trip!
    Yeah??! You should email the guy Tom running it (the RBA) and let him know you’d like to ride.
    I was thinking about riding there and maybe getting a ride home. Warren said he may escort me there. I’d wanna leave at like 5:30. rt 46 is like 20 miles. Its only a 25 minute car ride… so this plan is variable.

    good stuff:

  8. ok, hmm I’ll think about the logistics of getting there…5:30 is just a bit early heh. sounds good though!

    how are you spending this awesome snowday? I’ll be xcskiing, maybe a snow ride is in order

  9. I totally saw you ski by and you had a good lead.
    Yeah, sure, …I’d bust out the mt. bike for a while.

  10. How was the ride last night? Any pictures or video?

  11. hahahaha, I’m cracking up….the ride was me- riding to the hallmark store to shop, then bombing up and down main st a couple of times which is really really fun.

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