Posted by: Peter | February 1, 2010




  1. On real streets, with bumps n potholes, that little back wheel has to have a harsh ride.
    Pretty neat though!

  2. Yeah, It kinda reminds me of a new age mini penny farthing without pedals.

  3. Wow – my daughter actually designed this a few weeks ago. Seriously! The Yike is a little more sleek than her concept, but she came up with it as a way to save the envirionment. 🙂

  4. I was like, “Yeah, yeah. Another silly toy that has nothing on my Brompton,” until I saw it fold.

    Actually, I bet they haven’t really gotten that far. Notice that they ONLY show a computer generated image of it folding and then barely show you the final folded product

    While incredibly clever, the thing is a lawsuit waiting to happen. The high and forward weight distribution will have you pitched over the “bars” at the first medium sized pothole.

    Plus, no pedaling! You’ll still get fat riding that thing.

  5. And yes, YIKES!! The thing costs between €3,500 and €3,900 or around $5000!!!!

    Actually other videos do show the actual product folding so I guess its real.

    However, it only goes up to 20kph (12mph) and can only travel up to 6 miles (but only needs 1/2 hour to recharge).

    Still, for that price I could buy 4 Bromtons or 1 Brompton and a Dutch Bakfiet.

    Plus you’ll still get fat riding it!

  6. Yeah, I didn’t like the part about not pedaling and would not consider buying it for myself. I do think I would rather share the road with people on Yikes than cars though.

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