Posted by: dean | January 18, 2010

Weekends over! :\ some pics spanning a few weekends



  1. I like the Princess in the Winter wonderland.

  2. Are the top 2 photos from the Morris Canal trail in Stanhope? Not a well-used trail, but a nice one.

  3. Hi –
    the 2nd one sure is! Locals call the area there ‘the foot’ for foot of the old inclined plane. It is a really nice towpath trail

    The 1st pic is nearby but about 1/4 mile from the canal. Can you see the old BASF building in the background?

  4. I live right around the corner from there. Now I see the former BASF building.

    I wish more people would use the tow path. Over the summer I stopped using it for a while because a) a canada geese family would hiss and run at me while riding the path and b) the part-time homeless guy from the Netcong boarding house would sleep there. A couple of early morning rides surprised us both. I got into the habit of ringing my bell all down the trail to warn any creatures I was coming.

  5. Cool!
    1st pic is an old road…when the Sussex Branch Railroad ran where current day Continental Drive is, there was a road roughly parelelling the rails. The road is still back there, heard it was a good party spot back in the 80’s, called ‘white bridge’ for the old white bridge where the old road crosses the musky.
    Its one of my favorite Morris Canal spots… it is kinda off the beaten path but oh boy!….never saw the geese or that homeless guy. I used to run into a fella w/ 1 sometimes 2 dogs nearly every day. He’d be drinking cans of beer, filling his backpack with empties and his dogs always ran up on me riding by, kinda scary, til I finally yelled at him.
    Ever see anyone digging in the old garbage piles on the side of the towpath? Some nice glass around from the Stanhope beverage company that used to be in the brick building near the head of the inclined plane.
    Just wondering…Do you use the path for fun/fitness/commuting/errands?

  6. I usually ride with my kids. My 3-year old on a trail-a-bike. Sometimes I get away on my own if I’m up early enough on the weekends. My bike errand riding is mostly to Shop Rite or dropping my kids at school(s). I got the ban on biking to school overturned last year. (woo hoo) Wish I could ride to work but my job is in New Brunswick – a tad far.

    Haven’t seen the garbage pickers, but that sounds like something I would try. Treasures are everywhere.

    I think I know the path/road to “white bridge” but we usually head for the waterfalls off Sussex Branch trail after Jefferson Lake. It’s a good stopping point with the kids.

    Best times on the towpath are listening to the turtles jump in the water or following the Great Blue Heron.

    I would love to do some sort of community ride that includes the towpath. Not enough people around here know about it. I gave out maps to it at the school bike rodeo last year but I think people are lost. I wish the Stanhope Trails committee was making more progress . . . not enough volunteers.

  7. Oh I forgot about the heron!
    I’d love to hear your ideas and try to help out. I miss Stanhope. I pass through all the time, love the new streetscape.
    Shoot me an email, I think you can click on my ‘name’?

  8. hmm, no that wont work….

  9. I was reading the link to “Daily Randonneur” and now I realize that the pic of your shoe is classified as a Panda Shot:)

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