Posted by: kendra | December 18, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

85: Max’s Xtracycle

Originally uploaded by theglife

The bike ride in next Friday, December 25! It should be great if you can make it; I’m thinking no traffic, pretty lights and maybe just a little bit of snow. If you are planning on riding and want to hang out afterwards for a bit, we are going to have hot cider and chexmix. Ask me at the ride for directions to chexmix central.

I don’t know if we have covered this yet this year, but what are you wearing to ride in when it is this cold out? I really need some warm boots or shoes, I’ve been wearing keds with 3 pairs of socks and while that works, it makes it hard to walk in. I have been wearing a tyvek jacket under another lightweight jacket, and it is AWESOME.



  1. I saw this pic on Too bad they only deliver in the Portland area. Are you surprised?

  2. I’ve got some waterproof, but also very warm ‘seal skinz’ socks I’ve used a few times with a thin wool or poly sock underneath. So far so good.

    If your sneaks have any vents in em, put some duct tape over em from the inside.

    I gotta newsletter from these folks this week with a good article here:

  3. When I ride in winter, I wear an ancient screamin’ orange MightyMac jacket because the color will fry peoples retinas. Also, it’s warm without being too much. Moisture wicking layers underneath.

    My feet stay toasty in either of two pair of Sorel boots. One is for serious snow and swamp muck. Both are waterproof and wonderful.

    Also, socks that come up to my neck.

    None of these items could be described as official “cycling clothing”, but I’ve worn them for years (with regular washing) and they work.

  4. bike turn signal shirt easy!

  5. ha!

  6. I use the seal skinz over my socks and just sandles and I get a little numb but not unbearable. I’ve looked into and found some good advice on clothes there. I actually purchased a few items such as the ICEBIKE Tights from Col d’Lizárd which I’ve been toasty warm so far this year. I also got the rain pants from You can call him and get a cusom fit. A little pricey but so far I like them.

  7. Rode sat. morn at lewis Morris that was chilly.. I use a winter style Mt shoe.. however I left them at a relitives house and have had to go old school.. wool shoes on the outside! Botties are great as well..

  8. Ski helmet and goggles!!

    Why wear a helmet that is intended to keep your head cool when its cold?!?!

    Once my head and face are warm, everything else is easy.

    BTW – Ski helmets are required to pass crash tests nearly identical to that of bike helmets.

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