Posted by: kendra | December 11, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

Windy Beard

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Brrrrrr! It’s cold out! I really bundled up today to ride around and I still think I needed a couple more layers. Very windy!

Where are you riding this weekend? Anywhere?

The next monthly bike ride is on Christmas, so I’m thinking the turnout is going to be pretty light. The traffic should be great and hopefully we can have just a pretty dusting of snow. Is anything open in Morristown on Christmas night? If you are in town, maybe you can drag your family and or friends out for the ride?



  1. If the weather isn’t horrendous Sunday morning, I am probably riding the Middlesex Greenway, perhaps into the swamp.

    Hoping to make it to the next Morristown ride.

  2. I hope not INTO the swamp!
    I rode tonight and man my neck was cold!
    Tomorrow I”m riding on martys hackettstown 30 mile loop somewhere hilly.
    gotta do some grocery shopping too.
    I cant do xmas ride but maybe next friday jam around mo’town somewhere. they repaved a swoopy portion of patriots path btwn sussex tpk and speedwell, makes it a little funner.

  3. Going for a MT Bike ride @ lewis Morris late morning early afternoon today. Still sorting out the time if anyone going these let me know.
    the swamp is always colder..

  4. the daily record has an article about the great swamp in today’s paper and how it nearly became an airport:

    also not bike related, but last night my neighbor won a homebrew contest and is going to have his “morristown pale ale” made by high point brewery and then sold on tap in the office beer bars in New Jersey. There were about 10 finalists at the tasting yesterday in Montclair, very exciting! I hope the local office has a big party for it!

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