Posted by: dean | December 7, 2009

Holiday shopping on Amazon? Support bike adventure.

If you ever visit Kents Bike Blog  (I linked to a funny story coupla weeks ago about what Kent and other ultra cycling types eat) you know he has awesomely long crazy ridiculous selfsufficient racing adventures.    Hes from Issaquah.  Hes a bike commuter.  If you like his stories and happen to shop you can help fund his adventures and storytelling. 

Kent says:  Amazon links are one of the many ways readers like you support my adventures and my writing. I always try to be very straight-up about this. When you click on an Amazon link here and then buy anything on Amazon within the next 24 hours, I get a commission. It doesn’t cost you any more but Amazon does pay me. The rate is usually about 6%. And that money counts up.

If your vising check out this neat little Blackburn usb/solar!!! tail light.  Martys htown had a few.   Seems bright nuf for most stuff.   Its little, maybe mount it down on a fender.

Peace Out


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