Posted by: kendra | December 4, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

new bikes-at-work trailer

Originally uploaded by Mark Stosberg

Have a good one!



  1. Theres a fun/kinda fast ride from htown martys at noon saturday, 30 miles, 15mph avg. ending with free coffee! I can t make it but anyone riding around Sunday??

  2. We are going to ride out from our place to the Grange near the swamp; have you been there? It’s all antiques and crap.

  3. I live by the grange in Meyersville. I’m riding around 9-9.30 this morning before the Rain, my Chatham loop. Yellow GT cross bike with fenders. ~safe ride

  4. The Grange is a cool place. Talk about crap, there also used to be a place called “Archie’s Resale Shop” right down the road from the Grange that had all kinds of stuff. I know Archie passed away years ago and am not sure if the business is still open.

  5. Our road ride from Martys htown was an adventure! 2 other women showed up so it was an all-girl ride, we took the hilly way out to shades of death rd when nice light flurries started, increasing to sleet and we got back to independence everything was white! For the last climb we had to hold a line through the slush, and the descent required some mtb skill fer sure. Good thing I had my cross bike!
    Anyone else brave the blizzard on bikes?

  6. Fun! I like how everything gets really quiet when it snows.

    I put some wtb allterrainasaurus tires on the giant fixed gear coupla weeks ago, have’nt ridden it much but its fun.

    Had a mostly lazy weekend but rode to Netcong’o friday night after some wierd white chili and wierd bananasplit cookies at Marty’s.

  7. I didn’t go anywhere! Lazy! Maybe this Sunday!

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