Posted by: dean | December 3, 2009

Bike Video Thursday – Behavior at intersections

This first video is one way to drive your bike through intersections.  I see these guys occasionally, so very sporty, they seem to think they are Gods of The Road.  Looks scary does’nt it?  Imagine driving your car around this dude when he renegades it in front of you through an intersection.  I think that is bad cycling form.

Here is a saner way of doing things.  Kind of a cheesey video, and they drive backwards, but gives good ideas.   A couple of problems…the narrator says when waiting at an intersection ‘position yourself into the middle of the lane’ , this is a great idea, everyone can see you!, but the cyclist in this video does’nt take the advice….he’s too far to the side at this intersection… not only does he heads straight for that red parked car, hes also inviting the traffic behind to try and ‘squeeze’ past him because he’s left an opening.  I think he should have waited at the light in the middle of the lane and held that line until the red car is passed.  In the video he does a shoulder check as he moves out of the way of the parked car, good idea, but a little hand signal indicating hes moving into the lane would have been a good idea.  Something most auto drivers respect about this rider is a riders swift take off from a stop and a purposeful pace along the road.  This fella could work on the swiftness & steadiness a bit but he acts like just another legitimate road user trying to get where hes going.      

Both the God of the Road cycling technique and the Driving Your Bicycle technique take plenty of practice. 

Bicycle Safe has alot of good helpful hints.



  1. I really dont like posting ‘crash’ videos. Makes biking around seem so dangerous.
    for the record I very very rarely have problems out on the road. I dont think its that bad out there if you know what your doing.

  2. thanks for posting these!

  3. While well intended, the bicyclist’s lane positioning in that second video is not the best; too hesitant.

  4. agreed

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