Posted by: dean | November 13, 2009

Friday! Weekend! Heck yeah!

Hackettstown Bike Ride is tonight, 6:30 from the Gazebo on Main & Moore.  Gonna be fun!  Last ride was a  rambunctious 6-7 miles, quick clip all around town, hit up some nice dirt trails too.   Bring lights and rain slicker tonight!   Check out:  Neither Rain Nor Gloom of Nighthtownhalloween1

Jinx!  So after yesterdays post, on my way home I gotta flat, rear  tire of course.  It was a pinch flat after a big bumpy section of road.  I had some Continental Gatorskin 700×28 tires at home waiting.  Mounted, they seem maybe 26mm or so, hopefully they’ll plump up more.  I look forward to comparing these fairly expensive tires with the $14 Michelin Dynamics I was using.  The dynamics are pretty nice, cushy, fast feeling, the 25c seems to be about 28mm, nice & tubby but I’ve gotten quite a few pinch flats and only maybe 1,500 miles from a rear tire before its squared off.  Before that I was using Panaracer Paselas at around $15, the 28c seems right on 28mm, much more miles from them, maybe 3k, ride nice, they’ve gotten a few sidewall slices though from rough stuff gravel roads. 

Will report back.



  1. k, been using the continental ultra gatorskins 700×28 a couple weeks. Starting with a 2 person cmass ride with swan. We took an out of the way Morris Canal towpath ride. Quads blast back there so its a little muddy. The tires are not good in deep mud of course, and they kinda crashed over logs, down a gravel hill they were sliding out if I was hesitant. These are road tires, pumped to 80/90 psi I did’nt expect them to shine on muddy gravelly trails hopping logs but they were ok, and showed no sign of fragility, they seem surefooted and tough.
    On road speed testing is tough right now because its really windy out and I feel slow or fast depending on which way the wind has been blowing.
    I have noticed they tend to ‘crash’ into big road bumps, expansion cracks and stuff with a bit more harshness than what I’ve been used to. Although I think I tend to ride ‘lightly’ these tires have been catching air over small bumps fairly easily. That sure slows me down. I will experiment with lower tire pressure.
    Wind should calm down soon…

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