Posted by: dean | November 5, 2009

Bike Video Thursday! – Touring

Any clubs doing any rides like these?





  1. I’ve seen these before. Unfortunately members of the CTC (Cycling Touring Club) in Britain will tell you that the golden days of yesteryear are far from repeating themselves, particularly with British Railways. Conditions on the roads of Great Britain are not much better either. I love how they all look so “sporting” and “proper.” So very British!

    I did a ride this weekend where I used NJ TRANSIT. I took the train from New Brunswick to Princeton and then rode out to the Sourland Mountains in Montgomery and Hillsborough Twps. I then simply road back home to North Brunswick, 40 bike miles in a complete total of 3 hours (including train ride). Using the train allows me to get farther out into the countryside and away from the roads I ride all the time. Also allows for less repetition, during the “getting out to the good roads” stage.

  2. Me too, Andy — I do train/bike combinations all the time, mostly from Westfield to points west in Hunterdon or Somerset counties. It allows me to get out of the congested area where I live without using my car.

    But to get somewhat of a feel of this video (at least the clothing part), there’s a Tweed ride in Philadelphia on Saturday, Nov. 7:

  3. Awwhh Shoot! I’m gonna’ miss it!

    I’ve been meaning to go down and do that ride. Wearing tweed as I write this!

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