Posted by: lgindoff | October 31, 2009

2009-10-30 Critical Mass Bike Ride

It was a spooky night before Halloween when the critical mass bikers executed their 6:30 assault on Morristown.  Even though the weather  was relatively nice for an October 30, the ride was smaller than the previous several months.  It was probably the fact that it was now dark at 6:30 and not nearly as inviting as the previous months.  Nevertheless, most who showed, and I am estimating 50 in all , were haunting and amusing Morristown on their bicycles and in their costumes.  Check out the 5-minute YouTube video compilation I made while peddling in the ride with Rags the Dog on the back of my bicycle.


I wasn’t in a costume but I did have Rags the dog riding with me on the back of my bicycle while Kathy carried Scraps the dog on the back of her bike. While both dogs rode separately in critical mass rides in the past, we have never been able to get both to a ride together until tonight.  I recently hooked up both bikes to carry both dogs.  Click here to read my blog posting about biking with both dogs and I even have a cool video of our first major ride.

If you missed last month’s critical mass video, it is below.

[Youtube =


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