Posted by: Peter | October 25, 2009

Austin Is Bike Awesome!

I went to Austin, Texas last week for a little vacation to visit friends.  I had a feeling it would be a popular place with bikes since this is where that popular cyclist by the name of Armstrong is from.  What really surprised me, was most of the people I saw on bikes were not the spandex clad Lance wanna-be’s.  They were just normal people doing normal things like going to work, food shopping, or having a beer at a bar enjoying the live entertainment.  They even had a bike in movie while I was there.  I wish I had brought my bike.   I’m posting some pics that inspired me.


The view from the airport baggage claim.


The Austin Visitor Center.


The Whole Foods in Austin.


The busses have bike racks. I checked NJ transits website and they claim to have these racks on their busses in the Princeton to Atlantic City areas. Has anybody seen them in our area?


A pic I took of some bike people I noticed while eating dinner.


I’m not a fan of graffiti, but this mural is pretty interesting.(If you look close, you can see cyclist and his bike.)


Though bike racks are everywhere, this artistic bike was locked to a street sign.



  1. Oh btw, I’m not trying to push Austin (or any other place) on you, I just wanted to take in as much bike culture and bring that to Morristown. I think we’re doing pretty well:)

  2. cool!!! I have heard Austin is really great!

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