Posted by: kendra | September 9, 2009

So Many Bike Things!

Bikes. So many bikes!

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Some bike stuff hapenning in the near future!

Friday, Septmber 11: Hackettstown Critical Mass followed up by music at the gazebo. I also hear that MC Steinberg is going to be there, which is pretty exciting. Ride starts at 6:30. If any one is driving out to this and has extra room for a couple bikes, and 2 people, let me know.

Saturday, September 12 JORBA off road bicycle fest near Waterloo Village!

Sunday, September 13200k brevet from GW Bridge up into upstate New York.

Saturday, September 19: Savvy Cyclist Class in Morristown. I took this class earlier this year and it is awesome. For riders of all sorts, it really made me feel safer rider in traffic. FREE.

Friday, September 25: Morristown bike ride and Bike In Movie! Rescheduled showing of Breaking Away from earlier this summer. Ride starts at 6:30 at town hall, and the movie is being screened at the community garden on Early Street. Pre-Movie band, Obsessed with My Crustacean. Also showing an awesome documentary about the community garden itself, Growtown Motown, by Christian Schuller.

Saturday, October 3: Walk Bike New Jersey meetup in Montclair:

New Jersey has an active community of local bicycle and pedestrian advocates – but we don’t talk often enough. Let’s get together to talk about these opportunities:
1. Sharing knowledge and sweat equity to be even more effective locally.
2. Working together to plan common campaigns on high priority objectives.
3. Organizing to advocate at the state level for better laws and policies.

Brunch will be at a Montclair location to be announced. Before or after the brunch there will be a fun group ride around town with Montclair Mayor Jerry Fried. Many thanks to Laura Torchio of Bike Montclair for hosting and organizing.

Also getting back to yard sale and falafel rides this month. I think.



  1. Random hippie stuff: ran into someone who wants to start up a drum circle thing. If you are interested in Bikes and Bongoes, let me know!

  2. I have an email contact for the walk bike jersey thing, but people are so touchy about posting their emails. I’m going to check and see if they can post the info on the walk/bike jersey blog, so do not worry.

  3. Riding around with hack its town c-mass was fun. All 8 of us! I have 2 crappy pics I’ll soon share Oops!
    We had a nice 4 mile slow social trip with some offroading action too.

  4. I think 8 people showing up in the pouring rain is pretty impressive!

  5. Me too actually. Dean made the suggestion that may need fenders for my bike and to stop being a wuss.

  6. I love fenders cause they add to the ‘just get on and go’ factor.
    They can be kind of a pain to mount straight but I think they look cool when they follow the countour of the tire perfectly.

    Most plastic fenders are a little short and will spray your feet / bottom bracket area with water coming off the bottom, but mud flaps solve the problem and are kinda fun to craft.

    I’m using sks p-35 on my trek and they do a good job covering the 25c tires I’m using. I was using them with 32c tires but the coverage off the sides was a little less than adequate.

    Velo orange has a nice selection of full coverage, very long, wideish fenders.

    Of course if its raining really hard they dont make much difference except in keeping your butt drier/cleaner, but in the wet roads/misty/ light rain of friday they do make a big difference.

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