Posted by: kendra | August 28, 2009

Morristown Ride Tonight! 2 years of Friday night rides around town

Tonight’s ride marks the 2 year anniversary of the mayor annoying people with some comments about biking in Morristown; last year he rode around town in one of the biggest turnouts for the Morristown ride yet.

Tonight I hear that riders will include Tim Dougherty, who is running for mayor, and also Jimmy Gervasio, who is also running for mayor. Tim Doughtery features the ride on his website and has sent out a few emails about it, which is nice. Check out Jimmy Gervasio’s site too, where he has a poll about what issues are important to you and you might vote traffic issues, if you were me. I mean, I already voted that, but you can check it out and vote traffic too. Current results here.

It looks a little bit rainy today, so if you can convince your friends to show up at this ride, that would be really awesome. I’m thinking burritos or beers afterwards?

The ride starts at Morristown Town Hall parking lot, 200 South Street at 6:30. If you haven’t been before, the town hall is right across the street from King’s supermarket, and shares a driveway with Union Center Bank. There are also entrances to the parking lot off Franklin Street, which is the street behind town hall.


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