Posted by: kendra | August 28, 2009

Double Dutch Bikes Made in Morristown

Double Dutch Bike

Originally uploaded by kendra e

At tonight’s ride this awesome cargo bike with a fold up seat for your kids showed up! And is being made right here in Morristown. Check out their website,

If you want to try this out with or without your kids in it, show up at the Morristown Farmer’s Market on Sunday!



  1. it’s great.I am interested with that bike

  2. more pics here

  3. WOW ! cool.
    Being assembled here?
    Martys gonna sell em?

  4. These Double Dutch Bikes are assembled in Morristown, New Jersey. We hope to distribute them with Marty’s Reliable Cycle (a meeting has been discussed, but still pending). In the meantime, please feel free to contact my partner or I after visiting our website at We are on our third model and are highly confident in our new 2010 models (as seen by our flickr photos). Furthermore, please feel free to test drive our bikes. We are regulars at the Morristown Farmer’s Market.

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