Posted by: kendra | August 27, 2009

Bike Video Thursday: Francis England, Tricycle



  1. Have you seen the guy with what looks like a traditional road bicycle converted to a trike with 2 big rear wheels?
    I think he usually rides it with his little white dog attached by leash running along side…they’re pretty fast!
    Saw him on Sussex tpk and the Traction Line.

  2. No! I’m going to keep an eye out for him. I have seen a few people riding bikes with their dogs running next to them; I’d like to try that with my dogs, but I think they might see a squirrel and take off, just pulling me behind them.

  3. I’ve seen a guy with that description riding on Hanover Ave in the Morris Plains area. I remember thinking there is not much of a shoulder there and he should be careful.

  4. But no dog?
    He had the dog curb side on sussex tpk, they were going downhill and rider was in the drops tucked down holding onto the leash, the dog was taking huge strides…they were both flying.

    Dogs can be good mt. biking companions. I had a dog suddenly run along with me on the trail before.

    Cycleworks in byram has some kind of short greyhound and he keeps up with fast guys in allamucy, on a straight and clear path he easily close to a 20mph pace for extended runs.

  5. Meant someone who works at Cycleworks owns that little greyhound..

    Somewhere I have a pic of a dogsledding team practicing on the sussex branch rail trail up near newton in the fall, the sled was on wheels

  6. yo check this out…. this guy rode 19 centuries when he was 10 years old

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