Posted by: dean | July 17, 2009

DIY – Handlebar Bag

This bag holds alot of stuff, all grabbable on the fly.
revoramble 029
this was too easy…
-the camera bag was given to me for free. (its ultra light, water resistant, has some handy pockets and holds its shape well)
-it had a removable shoulder strap, I removed it.

-I biked to the hardware store and bought about a foot of double sided velcro (hook on one side loop on the other)

-I grabbed a knife and cut 2 vertical slits through the back of the bag, near the bottom.

-I fed the velcro in one slit and out the other slit then around my bikes headtube (soft side of the velcro inside to avoid scratching paint)

-I ‘velcroed’ through both sides of the old shoulder strap mounts and around my handlebars (soft side of velcro facing out so you dont scratch your hands)

*make sure the bag does’nt push against your brake cables much, thats not good at all*

-I tucked this velcro under my brake hoods a little bit.

-Some tape on the dangly zippers to quiet em down and we’re rolling.

I dont think it looks too cludgey even though it has the Minolta logo.








  1. crafty!

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