Posted by: kendra | July 14, 2009

Short Cranky Complaint: drivers passing in the left turn lane

I really need to try out the bike camera I have, maybe this week.

Anyhow, here’s my complaint of the week. The traffic lately in Morristown seems lighter, but since it is the cars think they really need to speed it up. My complaint is lately when I am going straight and taking the entire lane because I need to get to the left to get in the lane I want to be in for wherever I’m going, drivers will pass me in the left turn lane. Say at DeHart Street, or in front of the Calaloo Cafe (yo&pappas), or wherever. Early Street from Speedwell is another street that has what seems to be a dedicated turn lane, but people use it to go straight through on Speedwell.

Yesteerday a guy in a red convertible nearly collided with me and Dave a the DeHart Streeet intersection when he passed us in the turn lane. I really don’t get what the hurry is in town, especially when there is a red light every ten feet at the green. We then passed him 3 times after he nearly killed us.

The green is so weird, the traffic is really stop and go, but people seem to really think the rule is to get in the inside lane at all times, and then shoot across 4 lanes of traffic to get to your turnoff.

Ok! Rant over!



  1. On the non-ranty side, there are a lot of people riding bikes around town this summer. A couple days ago, I was part of small traffic jam of bikes coming up Washington Street, which was really surprising to me.

  2. I always watch my back there cause I usually head for the left lane after dehart, before the green there.
    You guys signal?

  3. I see alot more bikes than ever before almost everywhere I go. Especially the past coupla weeks after all the rain.

  4. We should see how many times around the green we could ride before getting honked at. I really wanna know.

  5. The problem with Motown is all the 1960 era freeway road design smack in the middle of a 17 Century town. Rip that shit out (it’s totally inappropriate) and return the road to a design speed more fitting to the town.

    For example, the design of Lafayette and Morris Aves is simply reckless! I can easily drive my mom’s station wagon over 70mph on those roads!

  6. Maybe try signalling left earlier if your slipping into the left lane after dehart.

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