Posted by: dean | July 8, 2009

Errand Riding skillzz to pay the billzz




errand bike

errand bike

Bike commuting, or riding your bike to work is always promoted heavily but bike commuting is kind of a narrow of an idea. Biking to work is wonderful but biking everywhere you possibly can is really wonderful too. Can you ride to your friends house for that party? How about the corner store for a gallon of milk? Say you gotta drop your car off at the service station, could you bring your bike on your car and ride home? Maybe you’ve gotta bike race/event, you really should ride your bike there! Underwear shopping? How about the liquor store? (The nashbar shopping pannier easily holds a 30 pack of fine canned beer). Gotta get to the train station? Can you ride to the garage sales? How about shoe shopping? Empanada runs? I try and make my bicycle the first choice for transportation needs. Heres a few very random tips:
Ok, last week I went on a ride to visit my fiancee a coupla towns away and I had to pick up a young fellah from the middle of the road! He crashed his bike when the plastic bag filled with ice cream and slim jims he had hanging from his handlebars got sucked into his wheel. Do not hang bags from the ends of your handlebars! It really throws off the bicycles handling and you could die. Dont even mess with plastic bags at all but if you really must, try tying the bag to the middle of your handlebars, or better yet just bring a backpack, messenger bag or some proper bicycle luggage.

If you dont want to arrive sweaty and panting at your destination, just slow down. Leave the racing bike and bring the beater. I have this racing kinda bike and it looks to me like a fighter plane when I’m riding it and look down, the thing begs me to ride fast and I end up beating myself up and getting really sweaty wherever I go so I stopped riding it til I made it a fixed gear bicycle, now its alot more FUN. Anyway slow down a little and smile and you’ll be less sweaty.

If you do get sweaty just say hello to your host and head for the bathroom and splash some cool water all over, pilfer a towel and try and wash that sweat away.

Bring a change of clothes if your going someplace prim & proper.

Should you choose to wear a helmet beware of helmet hair, the vents in you helmet make some interesting patterns in your cool hairdo.

I prefer clips n’ straps over clipless for pedals so I dont have to walk through the grocery store like a duck. I’m enjoying indoor soccer shoes…stiff, leather, fast as heck looking. Way more comfortable for me than clipless for long rides. A good bit cheaper too : )

Old inner tubes are pretty good for lashing stuff to your rack.

Be really really really careful riding through parking lots, go really slow and look the heck out because people in cars can be real animals in parking lots.

If your nervous sharing the road maybe you’d enjoy some cheap little lights to improve your visibility? Some flash of color is really good, I’m starting to think about replacing my grey helmet.

Bring a lock. Try not to gloat about getting the best parking spot.


undie shopping

undie shopping



  1. Cool reading ! great Blog!

  2. thanks! checked out your site. some pretty hep products. like the clear plastic flat pedals & camo clips!

    • Thanks, We are trying to work towards more different color combos down the road. Its cool to see people like yourself with the passion for bikes and the joy and health it can bring in this hence the word (F.U.B.A.R.) world lol.

      Thanks for checking us out. Keep up the cool blog!

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