Posted by: kendra | June 29, 2009

Weekend Recovery Thread

The art show on Friday was really really really great; I think most agreed it was better than last year’s show, and that is saying a lot! Check out the Morristown Green article here. I’ll try to add some links to the people who showed their work at the show, but for now check out the site from the couple who made the bike powered waterfall and also will build you a custom frame from their place in Newark:

It started pouring about 30 minutes before the ride on Friday, which prolly put a damper on the turnout, but there were still about 50 people who showed up. Vince and his brother brought their mom to the ride, and also brought a new bike they were up all night finishing that was a tandem taxi bike that had a stereo on the bike. Awesome.

Also was nice to see the Hackettstown Kids return this summer and they sang a few songs from the back of their pick-up, including one that mentioned Caroline and her blinding headlight. My few pics from the ride and show are here, but I know there are better ones out there, so if you have them post them?

The yard sale ride on Sunday was super fun, and resulted in getting spending $3 to get a camera bag, a scarf, a pair of gloves, and 3 records. Next Sunday, I’m helping out at the Lewis Morris Challenge Mountain Bike Race, so no yard sale ride. I feel a little bit queasy just thinking about getting up and out by 7 am, but I think I’ll be ok. Instead of the yard sale ride, we are going to do a Friday Night bike ride, so if you have somewhere you have always wanted to ride at night, let us know, because we haven’t really thought about where to go.



  1. Totally unrelated: we went to a place across from Headquarters Plaza on Saturday for dinner called “Citrus & Spice,” and it was delish. Dave ordered a tofu basil dish that was the best tofu I’ve ever had in my entire life. They also had this spinach app that was great, and I wish I was eating there right now. They also own a place in Chatham called Taste of Asia, which I haven’t been to, but Dave says is great.

    Ok, back to your regularly scheduled talk about bike things.

  2. Awesome. Sorry to miss all the fun.
    Are those really Hackettstown Kids?

  3. I think just one or two of them are from Hackettstown; at least one of them is from Metuchen. I told the one that is def from Hackettstown to check with the girl at Marty’s about the alleycat and he seemed really interested in it.

    I think I called them all Hackettstown Kids all last summer and I don’t think I can stop now.

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