Posted by: kendra | June 22, 2009

Coming Up

Sears Spaceliner

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This Friday is the Morristown Critical Mass Bike Ride, followed by the Art of the Bicycle Show at Marty’s Reliable Cycle. I stopped by there this weekend and saw some of the artwork, and this show is going to be really awesome. The ride starts at 6:30 and meets up behind Town Hall, 200 South Street. The art of the bicycle show starts at 7:00, and Marty’s is located at 173 Speedwell.

After the July ride, we are going to have a bike in movie at the Early Street Community garden, which is something I have been babbling on about doing for I think 2 years now. So exciting! I think we have most of the equipment; 2 generators, a projector, and I’m just going to get a tarp for the screen, but we could use some sound help. I think. If anyone wants to help (say DEAN), let me know! No pressure tho, I swear.

This is a pretty busy month, but we are going to have one get together to test out the equipment; I’ll update this when I figure out when that is.

Also had a nice yard sale ride; 2 yard sales and saw some bikes for sale but were a bit steep in price, so skipped on them. Meet up at Greenberry’s next Sunday at 10-ish for the next one.



  1. Nothing to do with New Jersey, but turned up when I was looking for pics for New Jersey + Bicycles. There is a memorial to the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk, and this guy rode his bike up to it, only to find out that bicycles were banned from the path up the monument.

    I think the Wright Brothers would be the last people to want bikes banned from their memorial! They had a bike shop!

  2. Heck yeah, I’d love to help with sound.

  3. I’ve got a DVD of Breaking Away, if you’re interested. I think it is safe for families.

  4. I think Breaking Away would be awesome! I am really surprised at how many people have not seen it!

    I also ordered the Triplets of Belleville; but it’s rated pg-13, apparently because of brief naked cartoon lady. I’m going to watch it this weekend and see what the deal is. I also ordered up quicksilver, which I haven’t seen either, but apparently is so bad it’s good?

    If this works out, it would be great to have a series next summer.

    There is going to be a film festival sponsored by the Morristown Green blog with the theme of hope on a tuesday a couple weeks later, on August 11. We might screen on of the entries before the bike movie, but if you are or know a potential movie maker, see this post.

  5. Here are some more bike movie stuff. I don’t get out to see movies that often so I’m really looking forward to this. I love the price too. We should get a popcorn machine that can attach to a bike trailer!

  6. If you can figure out how to get popcorn powered or pulled by your bike, that would be awesome.

  7. Ok, just let me know when you need the flick.

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