Posted by: kendra | June 18, 2009

Art of the Bicycle Show is Next Friday, June 26

Art of the Bicycle Show

Next Friday is the last Friday of the month, and the regular Morristown Bike Ride night. The ride starts at 6:30 at Morristown Town Hall, 200 South Street.

After the bike ride, there is the 2nd Annual Art of the Bicycle Show at Marty’s Reliable Cycle, 173 Speedwell. Last year’s was a huge success and a total blast, and I think this year’s sounds even better. Some new artists will be showing their work, as well as some favorites from last year, and I hear there are going to be a lot of interesting antique or unusual bikes on display too. If you can’t make it to the bike, def come to the art show anyhow! More info here.



  1. Any photos posted of the ride or the show?

  2. Speaking of bike art, the Index gallery in Newark opens a show next Friday, which happens to coincide with our BCBC first friday ride. So our F.F. ride will have an art theme…visiting public art in Newark, then ending at the Index Gallery’s bike art opening.

    Our ride starts at 7:15 or so and we meet at Beaver St, a little lane in the middle of downtown.

    Show info:

    Hope you can make it!

  3. Forgot to mention…the show at Index is based on a bicycle theme.

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