Posted by: kendra | June 16, 2009

omg wfmu

Trent from WFMU

Trent from WFMU

That radio show was so much fun for us!! Thanks to Trent for coming out here, and then letting me use his show to spread my bike propaganda! If you missed it you can see the playlist and listen to the whole show here, and here is just the set of bicycle theme songs we came up with. So much fun!!

Other things that happened during the show: managed to talk about the Morristown Critical Mass / Community Bike Ride, had Ashley plug the bicycle art show, and tried to convince people that Hackettstown was the new Brooklyn.

I think one of my favorite parts was when he was asking us about bicycle websites we read and simply asked me to spell streetsblog and I said something like “I can’t believe you don’t know what streetsblog is.” Also mentions during that bit were bike snob, Transportation Alternatives, treehugger, bikehugger, urban velo, and fixed gear gallery. Also managed to mention xtracycle in a pretty forced way, but that turned into short discussion where the roots radical group was called my pals from


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