Posted by: dean | June 5, 2009

Bike this weekend open thread

You all have a nice weekend now and I hope your able to fit in a happy bike ride.  If your in town ride over to Kendra’s garage sale!
Heres my poor lonely old bike at the train station getting soaked:
rainbikes 002
So, one of the bands I play with called eye swan is playing at a swell place in Andover, Nj. The Gristmill Cafe. At the intersections of rt. 517 & rt. 206. Its a big stone gristmill looking building. We’re playing at 8:00.
The Sussex Branch of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Rail Trail runs right by the cafe… If you come by bike its a really really really nice ride. Its the trail that helped me quit smoking cigarettes! whoop whoop.
oh…does anyone have a campagnolo 700c high flange hubbed front wheel for sale? How about old campy derailleurs?, brake levers? Ugly & old is fine but must be functional.

Also, I was gonna write some stuff about cyclist running red lights and how I am always surprised most ‘racer’ looking riders do it…especially when stop & go is actually really good for fitness, its like interval training. Maybe thats why alot of the ‘racer’ looking riders only look fast.  Anyway while I was thinking about it I came across bike snob nyc  and this awesome write up about cyclists who think just because they’re on a bike, they are a special kind of renegade. 



  1. Dean, good stuff, your band, I mean.

    Also, I love BSNYC. It is my goal to get photoged on BS’s site. The description would be priceless:

    244 lb (not over 250 anymore!) fatty with thick knobbed tires rolling sweating his you know whats off after riding one block.

  2. Everything must go clearance yard sale tomorrow morning! 19 Western Avenue!

    Today we sold about 70 dollars, and had 2 people take applications to sponsor a bike rack, which is awesome is what we are really going for anyhow!

  3. Thanks Jay, I cant take credit for the songwriting…the songs are the master work of the singer, Warren, another bike obsessed dude. I’m just a hired gun, guitar guy. I really want a trailer rig to haul my music stuff around. That’d be one more step toward true bike geekdom.

    I’m surprised you have’nt switched from the knobbies yet! Man you’ll be flyin when you do.

  4. I almost made the switch this weekend, but balked at the price. I’m a cheapie, and well, was feeling pretty frugal this weekend.

  5. I’ve got some nice 26″ specialized slicks with lotsa life I wont use anymore. $10 if you want em.

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