Posted by: kendra | May 29, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread


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The monthly Morristown critical mass bike ride is tonight! Ride starts at 6:30, and the weather looks like it will clear up by then. I haven’t really checked any reports, but I can just tell. Congressman Freylinghusen is scheduled to ride, along with you and all your friends.

My fund-raising yard sale for bike stuff is postponed until next Saturday, as everyone in Morristown seems distracted from sorting through their old junk by the primary election next Tuesday.

I do have some awesome stickers I ordered that I’m selling for bike in movie money, so bring some quarters!

Have a great weekend!



  1. how was the fun family mo’town bike ride last night?

    I rode from work to a volleyball game, during the last match I split the ass of my pants! I heard it go! doh!!! A really big long split! holy crap! It was a good bump though. And we won. I rode home and enjoyed the extra breeze.

  2. Sorry about your pants!

    The ride was reallly good! There were A LOT of people there, more than 100, I’m not really sure how many. There was the guy who was riding for habitat for humanity, and then there was a group of guys that were starting a trip this weekend to California and trying to raise money for Parkinson’s. MG article here.

    Larry has some pics here, and Luke has some here.

  3. Dave says more like 150?

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