Posted by: kendra | May 22, 2009

Bike This Weekend Open Thread

I’m totally ready for a weekend of biking and gardening! It really is only a matter of time before I end up with some sort of tiny plot like this on my bike, I think! Build you own!



  1. uh oh…

  2. Yeah, I hope he is ok. I wonder if Parsippany has any sort of plans for bikes. It really seems like big roads like 46 and 10 need some work.

    Here’s another story. After the bike summit, I mentioned that people in Camden and Philly have been working and complaining for years that the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway needs to be open 24 hours a day and have better security. This last week a police officer was mugged and her cell phone thrown over the railing. Check out the article here and let’s hope the Delaware River Port Authority gets it together. I still find it really surprising that cities that big don’t keep it open all the time. What if they closed down the walkways on the bridges to Brooklyn at 8 pm?

  3. Another thing that article mentions is that the port authority has no plans to put up call boxes, as they think foot patrols or whatever are enough.

    I have no idea how much it would cost to install call boxes, but I think on paths where people cannot get off, it is important to have them. In this case, they took her cell phone, and I think that is typical. Last year in Minnesota, there was a rash of robberies on a bike path, where the first thing they did was take the person’s phone.

    At one end of the Traction Line (Madison end), I have heard people mention that it makes them nervous because you are fenced in. So far bringing up call boxes doesn’t seem very popular, and people point out that everyone has a cell phone now, which may or may not be true, but if you are robbed, they probably won’t leave you with one.

  4. Too bad NJ doesn’t allow open carry. Then no one would mess with the bikers.

  5. yeah….
    call boxes maybe a deterrant but, call a cop, call for a pizza.
    never thought about that section as ‘fenced in’ I guess it is. supposed to be closed at night there is’nt it? the part along behind fdu is fairly desolate. cant say i’ve seen a cop on beat on the traction line yet.

  6. gonna try biking most of the day tomorrow, starting with a martys ride, maybe half a loop with them continuing down to lambertville (1pm at cvs) to meet up with some others doing a classic/vintage ride, loop back up to frenchtown pizza place, leaving that loop half done and riding back to homefront and hopefully meeting up with dudes near andover to ride some more.

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