Posted by: kendra | May 20, 2009

bike bike bike bike

yard sails

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I’m working a lot this week, so very sparse posting! There are a few things that may or may not have to do with bikes that I want to mention tho.

First! I am still collecting stuff for the big sale at the DeHart Street parking garage. All the money from stuff I sell is going to go for bike stuff, like the bike in movies (I swear they will happen someday) or bike racks or something else for swell bike fun. So if you have any junk you wouldn’t mind parting with, let me know. We can have a fun get together to count our money and plan stuff.

Second! Not bike related! I’m on a team to play kickball against the Morristown Madams on Saturday, June 20. We need about 10 more people, so if you think kickball could be your sport, or if you don’t care if it is your sport, but might show up for the beer or to see the Morristown Madams, let me know. So far a lot of people are like, “I was always picked last,” but guess what? Now we are old and no one cares! It’s time to repair that middle school damage!

Third! I got a bike camera for my birthday, so you can look forward to seeing me narrate people around the green that I think I driving badly. Summer is off to a great start!




  1. I just got word that the big garage sale is postponed until October! So I’m just going to have the sale in my yard or back parking lot, which is prolly a lot easier anyhow. Let me know if you have any junk to get rid of!

  2. If you see a 1999 green Subaru Outback driving poorly, don’t film it! Haha!

    Last night, I was driving back from Hell er, Home Depot and got scared by a wrong way bike ninja (you know, those dudes that feel safer riding their bike against traffic). Awesome, it was dark, he was wearing dark clothing, and going the wrong way!

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